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June 30, 2013
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'...don't come closer' by ariamisu '...don't come closer' by ariamisu
June Task, last minute 8'D
edit: sorry i just fixed around some stuff
This wasn't what she wanted to do, but there wasn't any other task that wasn't taken.
It was just... a little too much? She couldn't tell if it was from the stench of the trickling water or the echoes that somehow penetrated her down-filled ears. What was it?
"If Greg or Benjamin were here..." Aria whispered to herself. She could almost feel their warmth by her side, just like she had a few days before, battling out the funny cow and the overgrown mushroom fearlessly. She picked up the pace and closed her eyes, letting the smell take over her senses. "It'll be over soon...."
Aria paused for a minute just before the clay ledge gave way to a long, spiraling pool of dirty water. Luckily she could see through it and find a couple of underwater caves, but she would have to jump in to go any further. Asking for help wouldn't put her in danger, right? Aria was sure sewers had nice pokemon in it.
"Ah-um--" Aria whispered into the swirling water. "D-does anymon live here and has seen a sandshrew go by...?"
Almost immediately, a large purple goop appeared behind her. "Are you... looking for this thing?"
Stifling a gasp and hiding her puffed tail behind her, Aria swiveled around. A grimer, almost the size of a muk stood, or sat, whatever they did- tail lengths away from her face. The eevee's mind raced, and her heartbeat thudded as she saw a drenched tan ball of fluff. Timmy, was it?
"You didn't," Aria growled, but it sounded more like a shaky whimper. She came this far just to fail? It didn't matter if he was dead or alive- but alive was better to her.
She blinked.
Cards were scattered all over the muddy ground. Blood...? She could see nothing of her own. Turning, she saw the sandshrew, still dead laying on the curve of her tail. Why did the water now seem calmer and clearer? Certainly, the grimer didn't leave her alone and disappear the moment she blinked.
"No, no, no, no...." Aria collapsed to the ground, gingerly picking up the card as if it was made of glass. It was a spade, and as far as she knew, she was the one and only pokemon around with trump card at all- as well as cards with only spades on it.
Blinking, trying to keep her cool, she glanced into the clearing water. Two teal blue eyes stared back at her. Was it the light? They were supposed to be golden. It was easy to image such a light color to get washed in the dark well. Her right eye remained teal as the other faded back.
This wasn't her problem; she needed to focus on bringing Timmy back, neat and in the pieces the body was already in.
It would disappear by then, right?

Traditional sketch colored digitally!
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DJChibi Jul 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
so cute!
wait so is this the explanation for why her eyes turned multicolored?
please explain ;u;
Yep ;v;
well you see she used to lose control when she used to be small, and her eyes would indicate what kind of 'mode' she was in kinda? since she triggered it again, its part of memory and takes up a part of her body, so she has teal and hazel eyes.
oh ;o; i think i'd better read her past stories then
I was looking at this and noticed the name, 'Aria' .... That's my name bro xD Omg
Aria wtf srsly?? This is the most amazing thing ever
I'm addicted to this story
make more
omg lovely job!
i didn't know if it was any good
but hhh thankyoucerise
lukemushroomrainbown Jul 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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